Based in Dallas, Texas, True Bet Media began its activity during the second half of 2009 as a company offering online marketing services.

While working in this business, its founders realized about the existing but unsatisfied need for advertising of online gambling companies.

Each one of True Bet Media’s founders realized that they could use their professional skills to help these companies find their target audience. At present, marketing services for Online Casinos in South American markets is one of True Bet Media’s major activities.


The leading team in TBM is formed by highly prepared individuals with university degrees in business, graphic design and journalism.

Their work experience related to Internet services goes as back as 1999, when they occupied different positions in web content production for media companies, graphic design in advertising studios, and in the development of e-commerce and online marketing.?

All this experience guarantees a high quality service and great accountability to our clients. At TBM, we strive to understand each party’s needs and motivations in the online gambling industry. Thus, we offer gambling sites the best resources to reach their audience, and users, the best possible content to guide them through the world of entertainment.